I was really surprised as I really liked the energy in the session and your energy in general the first time I met you. I’m pretty sensitive to energy, but it really felt in alignment (and I sometimes struggle with women doing all kinds of healing sessions as I did have some negative experiences in the past), but I felt I trusted you. I liked that you cleared the room with palo santo in the beginning and the small explanation of the upcoming session. I think the space was held very well and I could relax after a while. I could feel the energy really strongly. I really appreciated that you asked for consent in the beginning before touching the different parts of the body. I think that’s really important and is often not practiced in a lot of healing sessions. I loved the sharing of the visions you had at the end, I was surprised how deeply it resonated with me. You really have a gift! I could definitely see that there would be a positive change in someone’s life over the course of a few sessions. I think your healing sessions can bring energies back into balance to create a more loving and peaceful life.