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A woman of catalyzing clarity

Hi, I'm Claire!

I have always felt different than everyone else.

Like an alien in a room full of humans.

I came from a dysfunctional, immigrant, Filipino family rooted in the industrial wastelands of Northern New Jersey, where I spent the first 23 years of my life.

I recognized a deep dissatisfaction with the norm, so I used many methods of escapism to quell these feelings.

I grew up very shy and overweight, which perpetuated my crippling insecurity and fear of being judged.

My lack of self-worth led me to develop severe people-pleasing tendencies, which kept me from knowing my true purpose or achieving my personal goals.

I struggled with self-control and discipline, which led me to multiple addictions, such as food, video games, and sex.

I battled body dysmorphia and eating disorders, completely unaware of what it meant to establish a healthy relationship between the mind and body.

I was completely unaware that I had needs of my own.

And because of my perfectionism, I often struggled with the fear of failure. 

The majority of my youth was spent in the decaying suburbs, severely hurt by the fragmented relationship I had with my father and surrounded by unhappy people working to live and living to work. 

No. This isn’t the story I want to tell about my life.

I had to face the stinging realization that no one was going to save me but myself.

Claire Rementilla, reiki healer, psychedelic expert, clarity coach

Then I heard that voice, more clearly than ever.

A firm, yet gentle voice, urging me to take action.

And so I began to wonder…

What if I blazed my own path?
What if I refused to do what everyone else is doing?
What if I let myself become the main character of this “Earth Game?” 

And so I left home. Following nothing but that inner-calling, I traveled the world extensively, across four continents, fifteen different countries, and hundreds of cities, I managed to achieve exactly what I thought was impossible:

To live an extraordinary life.
To feel love, and at peace within myself.
To be strong and healthy within my body.
To feel the clarity of my life’s purpose.
To simply feel proud of myself.

Over the past 9 years, I learned the value of investing in myself – with my time, energy, money and attention.

I began to incorporate compassionate discipline, mindfulness and play into my everyday life. 

I experimented with many psychedelics and plant medicines and discovered my innate talent in facilitating spaces of altered states of consciousness. 

I consulted and worked with various coaches, teachers, facilitators and healers. 

I used my spare time to teach myself ways in which I could rebalance my central nervous system on my own.

There are no shortcuts in life. My personal system of self-healing utilizes both simple, yet revolutionary methods that prove time and time again to dispel stress, worries, anxieties, depression and triggers when they arise.

Now I am ready to guide you so you may reach clarity within your own life.

The only person who can truly transform your life is you. 

Like the Phoenix which rises from the ashes, I bear a torch of light in service to humanity and my true calling.

May the fire within me ignite your spirit and catalyze life-changing transformation as I lead you to lead yourself.

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Welcome to Reach Clarity, the podcast for all those who are ready to help themselves.

May the truth of my stories catalyze your journey to liberate yourself from your own limitations.

In this podcast, I will delve into many topics including: self-knowledge, consciousness & spirituality, music, energy & vibration, entrepreneurship, psychedelics and plant medicines, community building, sex, mindfulness and relationships.

Each season will include stories and revelations from my life experience.

  • I will teach you how to adopt and apply self-ownership, so you can become the master of your own being.
  • I will give you tips on how to become immune to external control or influence.
  • You will learn the value of taking personal responsibility, and finally release the confines of victim mentality.
  • I will lead you to lead yourself to make conscious choices, live with intention and embrace your true power.

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