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To Find Yourself, Think For Yourself

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” Socrates.

Whether or not you call yourself spiritual or just a regular person – it’s really all the same! You don’t have to call yourself spiritual to learn all the ways to help yourself feel better and live better. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, we all need to learn how to help ourselves. We are all sharing an existence on this Earth. What happens to one, happens to us all. And so we must help each other survive.

If you are struggling in life, feeling depressed or anxious often, just feel lost, confused or unmotivated, I want to reassure you that you are ALREADY HELPING YOURSELF by just reading these words.

The initiation into self-sovereignty is a significant part of the human experience that has been intentionally concealed to prevent us from truly knowing what it feels like to truly HAVE POWER OVER YOURSELF.

Trust me, once you experience the feeling of having COMPLETE ownership over your time, energy and attention, you will NEVER want to go back to being controlled or told what to do, ever again.

For those who do not know what sovereignty is, it means supreme power or authority. To be self-sovereign means YOU are the MASTER of your own being. No one or no thing outside of you has power over you. Period. You are actively choosing to not be controlled by any external forces, whether physically or energetically.

Choosing the path of self-sovereignty means CHOOSING to learn to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY over your life and all of your choices.

For most people, taking personal responsibility is a difficult task because that would mean completely letting go of any subconscious attachments to “victim mentality.” Which is a subversive paradigm that is ultimately DISEMPOWERING.

A self-sovereign person chooses not to blame anyone else, including external circumstances, for their problems or their suffering.

Let me reflect that back to you.

When you make the empowered and RESPECTABLE decision to stop victimizing yourself, to stop blaming anything or anyone outside of you for your pain, you are choosing to master the VERY IMPORTANT skill of taking accountability for your own experience.

THIS IS THE FIRST STEP TO SELF-OWNERSHIP: KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE POWER OVER YOUR OWN CHOICES, AND BEING AWARE THAT YOU ARE MAKING THOSE CHOICES. Nothing is random. Life doesn’t just “happen” to you. You ARE the magnet for every experience, person or thing that enters your life. The sooner you accept this, the more powerful you become.

If you have lived your life constantly looking outside of yourself for answers, this might sound hard, or even impossible. But the more time you spend going within, the more attention you give to your inner-voice, the EASIER this process will be, because you have ALL OF THE ANSWERS ALREADY WITHIN YOU.

You possess a powerful hidden skill, exclusive to all of us– the power of your IN-TUITION.

For those of you who are not aware of what your intuition is, it is your gut instinct. It is the power of gaining direct truth or knowledge about a situation or a person, without evident rational thought.

A strong intuition is an extraordinary truth detector. You can trust yourself to know exactly what to do, in exactly the right moment and how.

If you know how to listen to your intuition, then all the answers you are seeking will simply come to you because you have trained yourself to be IN TUNE with your innate inner-intelligence. Most of us have been trained to ignore this, or have no idea about it.

Every single one of us was born with this superpower.

It is just a matter of discipline: choosing to train and strengthen these special powers.

So if you ever wanted to feel like you are part of the X-Men, now’s the time.

The truth is: You have extraordinary superpowers coded in YOUR DNA that is unique to you, because there is no other you that exists in this universe.


We are all players in a game. It’s called THE EARTH GAME, And YOU are the Avatar, the FIRST PLAYER of the Earth Game.

And the only way we can win this Earth Game is to STOP PLAYING BY THEIR RULES. And most importantly, to figure out the rules and limitations that you have laid upon yourself, so that you can transcend them and live differently.

Your first task is to either accept this mission, or deny it.

It is your choice to make.

Accepting this mission will require work. Consistency, grit and many hours of reflection. But the reward is greater than you could ever imagine.

You could give up completely, and pretend that you forgot what I just said about you being a superhero with REAL LIFE super powers that you may or may not have tapped into yet OR you could RISE TO THE OCCASION of your destiny, PICK UP THE VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER and start playing the game instead of letting life pass you by.


What you seek is seeking you.

All of the answers are already within.

Learn to trust yourself and the process.

I love you. 

And may all beings be free.

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