The Liberation Constellation

golden labyrinth

There’s a part of me that doesn’t just want to apply another “bandaid solution” to the problem we are facing as a human tribe.  Many are suffering from some level of disconnection… loneliness, mental slavery, victim mentality, addiction. I’m interested in facing these shadows ourselves and building the new world from the strength and resilience […]

Returning to the Self

Man in the center of a strange world

Most people want to be anywhere else but the present moment. In a digital age there are many distractions, many places for the mind to “be” without actually being. Smaller holograms within “the” Hologram, designed to ensnare one’s time and attention for prolonged periods of time. Where are you if you are not here? Where […]

The Power of Vulnerability

Flowers and lilypads floating on top of the river, sunset in the background

If you are like me, you were likely raised in a family where being vulnerable, open and honest were not commonly expressed traits. Secrets were kept, emotions were suppressed. The elephants in the room grew old and bored.

To Find Yourself, Think For Yourself

River stream surrounded with mushrooms of different sizes

Whether or not you call yourself spiritual or just a regular person – it’s really all the same! You don’t have to call yourself spiritual to learn all the ways to help yourself feel better and live better.